Baby Care: Baby Days Software


At our baby care nursery, we use Baby’s Days software which is a secure online system for all of our information recording, planning, observations, photos, invoicing etc.

With Baby’s days, software invoices are generated each month and are automatically sent to you.  Diaries are filled in each day and any observations and photos will be there on the system for you to view.  Your child’s progress and trackers along with all policies and permissions are there for you to view at any time.  You will also be able to view our menus for the coming month, our planning and our newsletters.

The system is completely secure and when you sign up for a place with us, you will receive a unique username and password which allows you to log in from your phone,  your iPad, laptop or your desktop.

We believe Baby’s Days allows us at our day care in Barwick, to provide parents with up to date information, enhancing our belief in parent partnership.

If you’re not already familiar with Baby’s Days and would like to see what it can offer you as a parent, please follow this link:

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